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Expert interview training will really help YOU to Ace any  Job Interview .......and secure your dream job!

 interview success

Look.... the job interview process is unfair, we all know that!

Unless you have expert job interview training, which shows you what the interviewer is really looking to hear then you have an uphill struggle to land your dream job.

Discover how the jealously guarded secrets of how to  ace any job interview regardless of age, ability or profession is within your grasp!

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       Dear job seeker 

You already know that in today’s tough job market competition for jobs is fierce.  The recruitment market is facing some of the toughest competition for the past 100 years. There is a growing surplus of highly skilled candidates chasing an ever diminishing number of vacancies.

Let's face reality......employers can select from a  surplus pool of qualified, experienced and often desperate, hungry candidates.  To elevate yourself above the job-hunting masses you need every single weapon in your arsenal to ace the interview process and secure your dream job!

It’s a fact that in today’s job market it is common place for hundreds of applicants to be chasing just one single job. What chance do you have of winning against these long odds?

Oh, and by the way, we are not talking about a position for chief executive or president of a multi-national conglomerate . No, fierce competition applies to any job you care to mention even boring, low-paid, bread-line jobs….and it’s getting tougher!

Yet sadly, the typical job candidate hardly even prepares for a job interview, which let's face it, can be a life-changing event!.....they read the job description once, rehearse half a dozen answers, possibly review the company website and then wonder why they get rejected!

What will you do when you are offered your dream job interview?

So lets take a step back for a second. Just imagine your sheer delight at finding out you have just secured an interview for your dream job. Your mind begins to wander.......   


You imagine the hefty increase in salary and benefits. You picture your new life , your dream home , taking expensive holidays and living debt free !

You smile as you consider the kudos and sta tus of the new position. You can clearly see the look of envy of your friends and colleagues when you tell them your fantastic news! You are just one small final step from changing your entire life and achieving your life-long goals!...... Then, like a bolt from the blue, cold harsh reality bites.......

 job interview success

''Job Interviews turn me into a jibbering wreck'' 

This new world all hangs by a thread. It depends entirely on your performance at one single job interview. You suddenly get that sinking feeling deep in the pit of your stomach. You quickly recall your previous track record, your dismal failure rate and how nervous you get.

Interviews are a minefield . You are never sure what to say. You lack self-confidence. You get tongue-tied…….not to mention the dreaded competition!

There is bound to be fierce competition. After all this is a dream job but not just for me! The other candidates are always better prepared, more experienced, have a better resume. 

You stomach sinks further as the harsh reality dawns!

Landing your dream job is beginning to look like a long-shot. The odds are lengthening by the second! Your brief sunny positive disposition begins to turn dark and negative.

If you fail the interview how you are going to break the news to your family and friends! Their half-attempted effort not to look disappointed as any hopes for a better life are dashed on the rocks of the cruel job market.

Then you hear that time-worn unforgettable phrase of pity ringing in your ears....

‘‘Even if you didn’t get the job at least you got an interview’’ .........Aggghhh!

What use is that? I am back to square one and my dream job has been cruelly torn from my grasp!

I am further away from achieving my life goals than ever.

Then you begin the time-worn job interview post-mortem!

You begin to question yourself….How come I blew it again?

Self-doubt rears its ugly head. Was it me the job interviewer did not like? Clueless and bewildered you rake over the interview again and again. What went so terribly wrong?

I was on time..... I smiled..... I was polite...... I answered all their questions and didn’t hesitate too much..... I was actually quite pleased with my performance.....Yet once again it was still not quite good enough. 

Finally I receive the rejection letter and it stabs me deep in the chest!

I console myself with that pitiful phrase! ......'' I did my best!''…... I resign myself to wondering what might have been......I guess in today’s job market there is always going to be someone better than me...........

Listen up and snap out of it right now! 

What you have just read is commonplace. So many dreams are shattered because candidates haven't the first idea what to say or how to act. 

Let me ask you one simple question?

Have you ever sat down and actually been taught professionally  how to be the supreme candidate  at a job interview?


The answer is almost certainly a bit fat resounding...NO! Admit it up to now it has just been guesswork hasn't it! I have no doubt you have a reasonable idea what to say and do but then so does everyone else!

Do you really know what the interviewer actually wants to hear?

Look this is not a guilty admission. Virtually no-one is taught how to deliver replies with impact and comprehensively sell their skills.

Lets be realistic, in today's ruthless job-market without that expert professional help, what hope have you of succeeding!

99% of people have never been taught  the basic fundamentals of interviewing  let alone the closely guarded high-powered stuff that crushes the opposition.

Effectively you are relying on the other candidates being worse than you!......and that is a risky strategy!

The flip-side of this is the skilled  interview candidate who saunters into the interview room full of confidence then delivers a display of explosive answers which annihilates any competition.

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 Do you truly believe you deserve your dream job? 

Let me start by asking these 4 simple questions.......

  • Question 1.   Does your salary truly reward your skills?  
  • Question 2.   Do you think you have reached the peak of your career?  
  • Question 3.   Are you completely happy in your job?  
  • Question 4.   Are you in your dream job?  

If you answered ‘YES’ to all 4 questions then I congratulate you because you are a very lucky person. You undoubtedly have a fulfilling, rewarding career that pays very well.

If you didn’t give 4 ‘YES’es, and lets face it that is 99% of people, you need to keep reading as I have a very special message just for YOU. I have yet to meet anyone who did not truly believe they deserved their dream job.

Surprisingly your dream job is tantalisingly close!

Yes, you can beat the odds and succeed in virtually every single job interview. 

So how do you rise to the top of the job interview pile? How do you surpass all other candidates? How do you overcome the odds and secure victory from the jaws of defeat?

Forget your age, profession or experience it does not matter. You have the ability today to score a home run and land your dream job. You just need to discover the REAL SECRETS the   top 1% of candidates jealously guard. The secrets that give them an unfair advantage.

But you first need to learn the fundamental principles behind effective preparation, selling yourself and selling your skills .

Just a few key improvements will instantly catapult your chances!

Let me give you some very good news! You can change! You can rise from the crowded bear-pit of the job-market into the top elite 1% of all interview candidates. Being transformed from an abject failure to a stunning 'must hire' candidate is actually quite easy.

Learn how you can quickly join this elite group whose very presence in the interview room impels the interviewer to hire them on the spot!

job interview success

Firstly discover why your resume should be dumped in the trash!  

Let me tell you where weak candidates begin to go wrong........

One common fatal mistake is they keep referring back to their resume.  They use it as a crutch to lean on because they have nothing constructive to say.

The instant you enter the interview process it becomes a completely level playing field. Every candidate has a similar chance of success. The interviewer sees the real you for the first time! They have dismissed the lifeless details of the flat 2 dimensional resume .

To repeat they want to know all about YOU! Sell them the benefits!

Forget the resume! It is designed to get you an interview. It has done its job. Now dump it from your mind. It is history! It was never designed to sell your skills at an interview!

The interviewer will have a copy in their hand but it is not a ''crib-sheet''! Break free and concentrate on you and learn to really sell your skills and experience....its what really counts!



But I have met many people who appear confident in interviews!

.....…Oh yes I always come across people who think they know what to say. They swagger in to the interview, appear to burst with confidence and talk as if their life depends on it.  They answer every question with a reply the length of a short story….only without any real impact or focus! 

Dig a little deeper and reality strikes home. They actually have no clue what they are doing! Their whole approach misses the point by the country mile! They could talk all day and still wouldn’t get the job. They have completely no idea  precisely what the interviewer genuinely wants to hear and how they want to hear it. Their incessant talking just makes matters worse!

They have virtually no knowledge on how to deliver the key facts let alone deliver them with maximum impact. Most of what they say is hot air and waffle! 


There are 5 key job skills all interviewers must hear

Let's get down to some basics. What does the interviewer really want to hear? I will let you in on a secret. There are specific key areas all interviewers are focused on! This is going to be critical to your success. 

All interviewers need to be absolutely certain they are hiring the right candidate. To do this they need to hear you can deliver on all 5 job critical attributes.

Strangely, they often do not even realise they are doing this! Either consciously or subconsciously they focus on these areas. If you address these areas completely with 100% satisfaction they will feel compelled to hire you why not because you tick all the right boxes !

The top candidates enter every interview armed with this specific knowledge. They laser-target their answers time and again addressing these 5 areas. They just blow the competition away.  This is what gives thema completely unfair advantage.

99% of candidates have no REAL idea what the interviewer actually wants to hear.

The cream of the candidates offer this specific information to the interviewer on a plate. They then sit back as the interviewer laps it up!  The interviewer becomes eager! They get excited at the prospect of discovering a truly top candidate.

Every answer is specifically tailored to address the precise needs of the interviewer . They can even construct their replies to shoot down two or three of these areas at once. Direct hits time and again! No wonder they smash the opposition into the ground!

Ask anyone what the 5 key skills any interviewer must hear and they will struggle to name just one. Remember to be truly successful you need to clearly demonstrate all 5 of these. Do you know what they are? Did you even know there were 5? Don’t worry you are not alone!

So what are these key skills every interviwer is desperate to hear?

Well the first one is the easiest to recall......... 'Can you do the job?' Aha! You probably knew that and actually it is the most obvious.

But seriously most candidates actually fail to persuade the interviewer that they have the necessary skills to ‘do the job’. Even this rather simple task  is often presented poorly with no real impact.

So if I know what these 5 areas are will I get the job? 

No! This is just the start. It will set you on the road but you need to know how to demonstrate and prove beyond all doubt that you possess these skills. Let me give you a basic example…

At the commencement of any interview a likely opening question is always…..

‘Tell me about your recent experience’.

I have yet to come across any interviewer who did not ask this question! So be prepared! However you would not believe how many people have no idea how to reply to this simple most obvious of questions. Their mind races, they panic and they conclude......

''If I can prove I have being doing the same role elsewhere I will surely get this job''.....

They then ''spurt out'' a simple infantile reply like this and assume it will be fine..

‘’……..I have 'x' years experience doing the job at company 'xyz' and I have drive and enthusiasm and am hard-working etc…..blah, blah, blah’’

This type of reply leaves me wanting to tear my hair out. Unbelievably, they have just killed their chances stone dead with the very first question!

My eyes glaze over and I curse my luck at having to continue interviewing such a lame duck!

First impressions are critical. This type of question is an open invitation for the candidate to shine, yet they have totally screwed up , and yes to repeat this is usually just the first question.  Unfortunately nearly all candidates give weak replies like this! If you think this might be you, then I hope you are taking note.

The interviewer needs YOU to deliver concrete proof  to back up your claims! They MUST be able to relate to your experience and 'visualise' yous success.

Do you know how to turbo-boost your application?

Three little words.... 'Sell the Benefits'. What are you offering? They continually ask the same question in their head time and again.

''What is in it for me?''

Listen! Let me give you the truth! They do not care what you think ........Harsh, but true! They have their own selfish interests at heart......really, just like everyone else! They are putting YOU on the payroll for a very good reason. You are there to solve their problems! Do you know what they are thinking?

''What are the benefits for me if I employ this candidate?''

Tell them in plain English the actual benefits of hiring you and it will turbo-boost your chances.

Before you enter any interview you need to know....

What specific benefits the interviewer is desperate to hear
How to have an endless stream of benefits on tap to recall
How to recount these at precisley the right time
How to describe the benefits so they create DESIRE!

How do I sell the benefits, I don’t know where to start?

This is where a lot of candidates crash back down to earth. You must construct your answers to deliver the biggest 'between the eyes' impact.

The interviewer asks an ‘open question’ and the candidate give a flaccid weak reply like the one above. The reply is factually correct but lacks the knock-out blow designed to jump-start the interviewer’s heart!

They are sitting there desperate to hear about relevant, measurable examples  which comprehensively demonstrate  your ability to do the job . Yet the candidate hasn't the slightest idea how to begin, let alone prove beyond doubt they are even capable of ''doing the job''.

You need to paint the picture in their mind. Set the scene.  What was the problem? What did I need to do? What actions did I take? What were the benefits of my actions?

At all times you need to spell-bind the interviewer by clearly demonstrating the complete success and accomplishments of your own actions.  Here is a big clue as to how to structure your answers for maximum impact.

Use the S.T.A.R. formula

This is an extremely effective method to demonstrate your skills in an interview.....

S   - What was the Situation I was in? 

T   - What was the Task I needed to do? 

A   - What was the Action I took? 

R   - What were the Results I achieved? 

This is a perfect sure-fire method for demonstrating your success in a role. Remember the question...  ‘Tell me about your recent experience’.  

  Why using the S.T.A.R formula is a secret weapon

Use the S.T.A.R. formula to construct an answer that carries deep power and hits the interviewer between the eyes.....

''I have held my current  managerial position  for two years with  total responsibility  for the whole department and my  staff of 22 .

Through  dedication and persistance  I have  increased sales turnover by 50%  due to a  number of key initiatives which I have personally instigated.   This is  despite the economic   downturn and 2 key members of my team being on long term sick.  Would you like to hear about those initiatives?''

Now if this doesn’t make the interview   sit bolt upright as if they had just been hit with a cattle-prod then nothing will.  They will literally beg for further information. 


This reply carries much more heavy-hitting impact because.....


 It sets the scene and paints a picture of success

 It confirms you have been fulfilling the role successfully

 It demonstrates you have made significant improvements

 It clearly lists what you have achieved despite the difficulties

 The last sentence allows you to further discuss your achievements

What are the benefits behind using the S.T.A.R. formula?

This S.T.A.R. formula is a proven method for allowing the interviewer to visualise you doing the job.  That is a critical step in the approach to job interviews.

If the interviewer can see you in their mind actively filling the role then you are 95% hired! Once they have this set in their conscious they look for evidence to positively reinforce this belief! They are now on your side willing you to succeed.  

By using a number of similar techniques to maximum effect the competition simply does not stand a chance. No amount of smiling, posturing or bragging will make any difference if you are up against a candidate who repeatedly delivers dynamite answers the interviewer desperately craves to hear.

''Is it too late for me to change?''

Of course it isn't! But you do have some work ahead of you.


Ever wondered why a small percentage of people always seem to be successful at interviews?.......

Are they always the best candidate?.....Of course they are not!.......Are they smarter  than you?....No way!....Do they have more skills? .....Unlikely? Do they have special powers!.......No!

They know that winning the interview lottery is easy! They have learnt how to 'turn the tables' and become the candidate every interviewer desperately wants to hire!

To recap.....they have simply learnt the necessary skills to ensure they are considered the premier candidate every interviewer must hire!

They never leave a job interviewer wanting more!!!

job interview success 
They understand precisely what the interviewer really wants to hear
They laser-target the 5 key areas every interviewer must address
They know exactly how to answer the toughest interview questions
They understand that correct preparation is 85% of their success
They know how to stress the benefits of their application
They understand the interviewer's biggest fear and eliminate it
.........and so much more

Wouldn't you like to get inside the hidden mind of the interviewer and fully uderstand what truly makes them tick?

Fact:  Every interviewer wants to give you the job!

Yes, that's right! This may surprise you but I have yet to come across any interviewer who didn't want to offer the candidate sitting in front of them the job. They want to attract the best candidates and are hoping they have uncovered an exceptional talent in you! 

Have you ever considered what the interviewer's biggest fear is?

They are scared stiff of making a mistake and hiring the wrong person! Every organisation has one or more employees whose skills and abilities are looked down upon by their colleagues. Of course everyone always asks the same question...... ''who on earth interviewed them? ''

Learn how to reduce this one fear and you will begn to have the interviewer eating out of your hand.

Unfortunately their defences are up and the barriers are manned! They simply cannot take the risk of hiring a lame duck. Knowing the quickest and most effective method of demolishing those barriers is a rare skill that you can learn!

So an interview isn't just about getting the questions right?

If you surveyed 100 people over 90% would say that a successful interview is all about geting the answers right.

Mmmmm......only partly!...Almost all good interview questions are 'open questions' with no right or wrong answer! Designed to allow you the opportunity to demonstrate your skills and ability........

What would you do if you faced this problem?
When have you had to deal with a difficult colleague?
Do you take criticism well?
How do you copy with the pressures and stress of work?
What are your career goals?
How ambitious are you?

Survey the same 100 people and 85% will tell you the person with the most experience will land the job. WRONG!....In fact surprisingly once you enter the interview room there is almost certainly a  completely level playing field.

I have another surprise for you...... In an interview what you actually say only accounts for about 25% of the overall impression. This is higher than everday normal life.....However a massive 75% is down to tone of voice and non-verbal communication.

So what is the key to having a successful interview?

Preparation......Preparation.......and more preparation

90% of job interview success is purely down to the correct preparation. 

Preparation is not just preparing answers to the usual questions. Successful preparation is also about making sure you have supreme confidence in what you are going to say, secure in the knowledge that you will be the outstanding candidate. Preparation involves knowing......

interview tips
How to demonstrate your skills and ability
How to construct high impact examples
How to build empathy with the interviewer
How to get the interviewer to nod in agreement
How to find out the exact role you will be doing
How to sell your experience so it fits the role perfectly
How to prepare a personal pitch of your skills and ability
The correct level of eye-contact
The importance of when to smile
........and so much more

 Where are interviews won and lost? 

There are three crucial stages in an interview...

.....Preparation before the interview starts, first impressions and last impressions.

Once the interviewer has created a first impression you will find it very difficut to change this. Everything you say from then on will be filtered to reflect that first impression. Creating a good first impression is crucial to your success. Do you know what constitutes a good first impression and how to achieve it?

Additionally a strong last impression will literally leave a 'lasting impression'. Learn the important tricks to make your lasting impression as powerful as possible.

Your closing statement and questions can be crucial as to whether you secure the job. Of course everyone should ask questions at the end of the interview. However I have seen people blow a perfectly good interview performance completely out of the water by asking completely inappropriate closing questions! Dont make their mistakes!

Is there any help?

Yes!......For years I have been conducting job interviews, speaking to employers, discussing positions with job agencies. Yet even today I am still simply amazed by the sheer lack of knowledge and preparation from candidates at job interviews.

The following publication is an ''Experts Guide to Total Interview Success''.

It has one very simple aim. To place you in the top 1% of candidates  regardless of age, experience or profession ..........



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Through his own vast experience and by combining research and further key interviews this superb informative ground-breaking book has been written.'

If you are looking for the ultimate advantage in the job interview process then in this publication you have just discovered a ''very good friend.'' 

Here is just a 'taster' of the highlights of the training that will super-charge every job interview you ever attend....

How to prepare thoroughly
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Succeed when you are clearly  the least experienced candidate
Turn potentially negative questions into a positive answer

Ensure the interviewer is completely satisfied with your answers

Understand what the interviewer is  really looking to achieve
Find out the key details not stated on the job description
Learn the one common word you should never ever use
Learn how to use 3rd party endorsements to great effect
Eliminate the everday phrases of speech which kill your chances
Construct ''knock em dead'' answers which cannot be ignored

If you are looking for more money , a better career and improved life-style need to have every single weapon at your disposal..... 'An Expert's Guide to Total Interview Success' .....never fail another interview again ........will give YOU that grossly UNFAIR advantage!

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  job interview questions

Discover how to turn these probing negative questions into model answers that would impress even the toughest interviewer....

''Why are there gaps in your employment history?...''

''What are your three greatest weaknesses?.....''

''Tell me about a time when things went horribly wrong?''

''What is the worst mistake you have ever made?....''

''What outsanding contribution can you make?.....''

''What exactly are you worth......?

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The 50 Toughest Job Interview Questions

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