Article 10– Always ask questions at the close of an interview   


It is important at the end of any job interview to ask questions of the employer. It does of course show interest in the job role. However do not just blindly ask the interviewer questions that are either obvious, have already been discussed or are easy to find out.

A job interview question should demonstrate that you are really interest in the company and are eager to join. Here are some examples of typical job interview questions which you should consider asking.

What is the primary priority for the person who is appointed to this job?

Do you have training programs for your employees which will further their career?

Describe to me a typical day in this job?

What is it that you enjoy about working here?

How would you describe the management style in this organisation?

Describe the daily roles and responsibilities that I might be expected to undertake.

What is the system for appraisals and assessment?

How soon would you look to consider me for promotion?

How are the various departments or divisions organised?