Article 5 – Job interviews and the key area that every candidate must concentrate on    

Let’s talk about me

In a job interview you have that one opportunity to impress the interviewer. The job interviewer wants to know about you and you want to sell yourself to them. There is often a fixed length of time for the job interview so time is precious. Therefore the focus of the interval should be you! 

Avoid where possible going off on a tangent and discussing anything that does not help your cause. Of course the interviewer will give a preamble about the job .From this you can pick up some valuable signs of what they really want. What problems they have at present. This could provide you with clues as to what answers you want to give later on. 

Once the introduction is over and you are discussing your experience make sure the conversation stays firmly on you. Do not ask fruitless questions which take up your allotted time for no net worth.  

Unless your question is a pre-cursor to allowing you to shine then save the question until the closing phase of the interview. 

Of course you will need to ask some questions but it is imperative that the focus of any dialogue is firmly on you and the conversation is focused on you. 

It is fine to appear interested in the company you are looking to work for but too many questions can be distracting. The interviewer is keen to find out about you. After all you may be the answer to all his prayers!  

They want to be sure they have discussed everything thoroughly in the time so be prepared to allow them. Don’t interrupt their flow with needless interruptions. 

Keep the focus firmly on you and the benefits you can bring to the job. It is your best chance of securing the job.