Article9 - How to display enthusiasm at a job interview   


The job market is tough and there are an increasing number of candidates applying for job interviews. One of the key characteristics that every employer is looking for is enthusiasm for the job. 

To be a top canduidate for the job you need to demonstrate this characteristic above all others. Enthusisam can be infectious and not least when you are in a job interview. 

Here are several ways that your display of enthusiasm can increase your chances of job interview success. 

a). Spend time researching the company, what markets it is in and its product ranges. As a job interviewer it is unbelievable how many people do not do this basic research. They turn up at the job interview saying they are really keen and enthusiastic to work for the company yet know nothing about it, hat it does and its range of products. 

Basic background research can be done quickly by reviewing the company website. Make a few notes and then ‘offer’ these into the job interview if the question is not directly asked. It shows you have taken the trouble to learn about the company. 

b). Smile at the job interviewer. This is particularly tru when you first meet the interviewer. It has been proven that first impressions count a great deal. By smiling you are much more likely to be considered friendly and enthusiastic. 

c) Have a personal job statement prepared in advance. A 30 to 40 word personal statement about you your job related skills and personal skills will show you have prepared and want the job. So many candidates when asked to describe themselves clearly have no job summary prepared. This should match the job description and be a fit for the ‘ideal‘ job candidate. 

d). Ask questions about the job role. This shows enthusiasm and an interest in the role. 

e). Prepare a closing statement which details why you are the best candidate for the job but also emphasise that you do want the job. Mention that the interview has really made you excited about the organisation and what it has to offer. 

f). Follow up after the interview is finished. This could be by letter or email. Either way it shows you still have an interest in securing the position. It may tip the balance in your favour if the job interviewer is still undecided. It also reminds them of your application.